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Hosted QuickBooks Enhances Multi-User Access

Are your accounting functions in QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise divided among multiple people? Does your sales team use QuickBooks to create quotes? If so, you need to purchase a multi-user license from Intuit. But a multi-user license does not solve all the issues related to multi-user access to QuickBooks. For secure, unhindered access, you need to host QuickBooks on a cloud server that supports anywhere, anytime access from any type of device.

Each user gets a personal QuickBooks Cloud Desktop.

By hosting QuickBooks with QB Hosting, you get a fully managed, private server running on an enterprise-grade cloud platform in a top-tier, Canadian data center. On the server, each user has their own QuickBooks “cloud desktop” that they can access over the Internet using any device. To ensure the best possible security and user experience, Concero uses industry-leading Citrix technology to deliver the user’s cloud desktop and hosted applications to their Windows, Apple, or Android device.

All QuickBooks data is safe in the data center.

With QuickBooks running on your private cloud server, your financial data never leaves the safety of the data center. Only pixels, key strokes, and mouse clicks – not files or data – link the end user’s device to the applications running on their cloud desktop. So even if the end user’s device is infected, lost, or stolen, your business-critical financial data remains safe. You can even protect against theft by prohibiting users from downloading files from their cloud desktop to their local device.

To ensure the availability and integrity of your QuickBooks application and data, your private cloud server is hosted on a fully redundant, cloud computing infrastructure engineered to support mission-critical workloads. Every private cloud server runs on dedicated compute, storage, and network resources and is protected by multiple layers of security. This includes daily, offsite server and file-level backups.

Hosted QuickBooks Cloud Desktops are Office 365 ready.

To improve productivity, other business applications can be installed with QuickBooks on your private server. For example, QB Hosting installs the full suite of Office 365 applications on each client’s server. If a user has an Office 365 ProPlus or better license, they can use these applications out-of-the-box. In fact, you can have virtually any Windows 10 compatible application installed on your private QuickBooks cloud server and make them remotely accessible to authorized end users at no additional cost.

The bottom line is … only when you host your multi-user version of QuickBooks with a Desktop-as-a-Service provider like QB Hosting will your users get the type of anytime, anywhere, any device access they want with the enhanced security and productivity modern businesses need.

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