QuickBooks Hosting Services

  • Private QuickBooks Server

    Every hosted QuickBooks customer is provisioned a private cloud server.  Private cloud servers offer customer's the extra security of dedicated network, compute, and storage resources along with the flexibility to install virtually any Windows 10 compatible software alongside QuickBooks.  This includes the full suite of Microsoft Office applications which is installed by default.      

  • Citrix Powered Desktops

    On each customer's cloud server, end-users are provisioned a Windows desktop.  The desktop can be accessed remotely via a Citrix Workspace app installed on the user's Windows, Apple, or Android device.  Citrix is the world-leader in virtual desktop technology and helps ensure the best possible quality of service.  Once logged in, end-users can customize their desktop, access files, and run applications installed on the cloud server.  

  • In-Depth Monitoring

    To ensure we deliver best-in-class service, we use Goliath technology to log detailed performance metrics about every user's Citrix session.  This allows us to identify service issues faster and more accurately even when they originate on the end-user's device or network.  Without this capability, it can be challenging to determine true root cause of whatever issues a user may be experiencing.     

  • Expert Technical Support

    Our support team is always an email or a phone call away from resolving any technical issue or answering any question about our service.  From installing and updating software to training end users, we deliver comprehensive support without any additional fees.  Plus, as we are 100% Canadian owned and operated, all our support staff are based in Canada.   

  • Bank-Grade Security

    Protecting the integrity of our customer's business-critical financial and customer data is our top priority.  Although no system is infallible, we've engineered our QuickBooks hosting service from the ground up to mitigate risk for our customers.  Beginning with the assignment of private servers to every customer, our security features include: multi-layered physical and network security systems in a SSAE 16 SOC II certified data center; robust access control systems; fully redundant compute, network, and storage infrastructure; local and offsite system and file-level backups; around-the-clock network intrusion monitoring, automated patching; and integrated anti-virus systems.

Add-On Services

  • Additional Storage

    In some cases, organizations use their QuickBooks cloud server as a secure location to store and share company files.  This can be done by saving files directly to folders on the cloud server or via a cloud file service like OneDrive, DropBox, or SyncAnywhere which automatically synchronize files between computers.  In this case, your cloud server's D: (DATA) drive may need to be expanded.  This can be done at anytime through a support ticket.

  • Additional Users

    You can add or remove additional users to your account at any time.  You can do it yourself via our web based control panel or just email support to do it for you.  For billing purposes, user count is measured as of the first of the month.  

  • SyncAnywhere

    Provide enterprise-grade cloud file services to your company and deploy it with your QuickBooks cloud server.  The result is a robust file management system that enhances productivity compared to on-site file servers.  Plus, with SyncAnywhere, you get key security and user management features missing from OneDrive, GoogleDrive, and DropBox.   

  • ThinPrint Services

    When maximum print reliability and performance is critical to your business, consider ThinPrint.  ThinPrint is a best-in-class print solution that works perfectly with our hosted QuickBooks service.  For a few additional dollars per user, we will deploy the solution and manage all the licensing. 

  • Two-Factor Authentication

    Add extra security for your QuickBooks cloud desktop via industry-best DUO two-factor authentication.  With DUO, you verify your identity with a tap of your mobile phone when logging in to your cloud desktop.   

  • 30 Day Free Trial

    We'll set you up with a free 30 day trial.  No risk, obligation, or setup fee.  

  • C$49.99 per User

    Monthly subscriptions are C$49.99 per user.  Add or remove users anytime. 

QuickBooks Hosting Means ...

  • Better Productivity

    Increase staff productivity and satisfaction.  Give them the flexibility to work with the same Windows desktop applications and files they use in the office whenever they want, wherever they want, and from any device they want.

  • Better Security

    Safeguard your business against data loss.  With QuickBooks hosted in our cloud, you'll have peace of mind knowing your company's customer and financial information is safe on a fully-redundant, enterprise-class cloud platform in a top-tier, SSAE 16 SOC II certified data center.  We deploy every customer on a private server and network and we've implemented multiple layers of security, including daily backups to a secure, offsite location.  

  • Lower Costs

    Hosted QuickBooks streamlines your business and saves money.  Forego the burden of on-site servers and all the associated hardware and support costs by using cloud hosting services.  Give users secure access to QuickBooks and other critical business applications from any Windows, Apple, or Android device.  Add or remove users in minutes.  No long term commitments. Pay month-to-month.  

See Hosted QuickBooks in Action!

30 Day Free Trial

Try before you buy!  No obligation or setup fees.  We'll have you logged in to your cloud server with QuickBooks and a copy of your company file within 24 hours.