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  • Host Any QB Version

    Securely host QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Accountant version on an enterprise-grade cloud server.  Get all the benefits of the cloud with the "desktop" version of QuickBooks you use today.

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access

    Industry-best Citrix remote desktop technology allows multiple users to access QuickBooks securely anytime, anywhere, from any Windows, Apple, or Android device.  

  • 100% Canadian Support

    Our technical support staff are all based in Canada.  They have years of experience hosting QuickBooks on our cloud platform.  For any issues or questions expect responsive, professional support 24x7x365 .

  • Enhanced Security

    We keep business-critical applications and data safe.  Everything remains in a top-tier, SSAE 16 SOC II certified data center behind multiple layers of physical and network security.

  • Superior Performance

    Our Citrix powered cloud desktop technology makes QuickBooks seem like its running on your desktop PC.  Even over a poor Internet connection, QuickBooks will continue to be responsive.

  • More Flexibility

    In addition to QuickBooks, we give you the flexibility to install any Windows application on your private cloud server.  You also have the flexibility to add or subtract users from your account at any time.

  • Better Print Support

    Printing from QuickBooks is not a problem.  We'll install your printer's drivers on your cloud server so you can print seamlessly.  We also support advanced ThinPrint services for even better print performance and reliability. 

  • OneDrive, DropBox Ready

    Use OneDrive, DropBox, SyncAnywhere or any other cloud file service along with your hosted QuickBooks.   Additional storage space can be added to your cloud server at any time.  

  • Microsoft Office Ready

    By default, the full suite of Microsoft Office applications is installed with QuickBooks on your cloud server. To use them you'll need a Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus or E3 subscription.

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  • 30 Day Free Trial

    We'll set you up with a free 30 day trial.  No risk, obligation, or setup fee.  

  • C$49.99 per User

    Monthly subscriptions are C$49.99 per user.  Add or remove users anytime. 

Hear it from our Customers!

"Our business uses QB Hosting to host Quickbooks. Our small business needs multiple users accessing QB simultaneously. QB Hosting has taken the hardware guesswork out of creating a stable platform for our team to work from. Customer service has been great and the cost to add QB Hosting's cloud desktop service to our business has been quickly recuperated due to gains in efficiency. Thank you QB Hosting."


Andrew Harbinson

Metro Enterprises

"When looking for a cloud-based service to host Quickbooks desktop, we tried another service that the sales department made promises that the technical department couldn't keep. It was slow and although usable, was painful. I also had to add them to my speed dial cause I needed to call them so often.

I was looking preferably for a Canadian company and came across QB Hosting. The team was helpful in answering all my questions, both before we signed up and after. They respond to my issues efficiently and quickly. I have not added them to my speed dial, as I just don't need to call them very often.

AND most importantly - it functions as well as if Quickbooks was on my desktop, not theirs. Once the connection is made I have to double check to see which desktop I am on!!"


Alanna Nicolson

Hillcrest Medical

"QB Hosting was recommended to me by a colleague and I am so grateful. The product is excellent and the rates are very reasonable. The customer support is simply outstanding! When you need them, they are there. I will definitely recommend QB Hosting to other bookkeepers who are moving to cloud accounting."


Didi Armstrong

Red Pen Bookkeeping

"QB Hosting works very well for the Hill Street Beverage Company for the hosting of our accounting system. Using QB Hosting means that we can share QuickBooks between staff in Vancouver and Toronto effortlessly and without the high cost and time involved in managing our own server, server software and continuous updates. It also means that staff can see the inventory levels of our Alcohol Free Beer and Wine over multiple warehouses at any time with real-time information."


Bruce Anderson

Hill Street Beverage Company

"QB Hosting's cloud desktop service has given my business a lot more flexibility. Having the ability to access my desktop from any computer or phone in the world is great for when I'm on the go and my clients are calling about an emergency.  Again thank you QB Hosting!"


Tamara Tucker

Tucker's Lifestyle Renovations

"Hosting my QuickBooks with QB Hosting has made my life exponentially easier with respect to my accounting needs. Their sales and support staff have been fantastic to deal with and the process could not have been easier. When I did run into a small issue when setting up on my Mac, their support team called my back within minutes, took over my computer and set me up so that I was working right away. So far the experience has been amazing and I would not hesitate to recommend QB Hosting to anyone. "


Aaron Zon

Home Guru

"We have been using QB Hosting for 6 months now and are very happy with the flexibility and increased accessibility to our QuickBooks software. Before QB Hosting, our access to QuickBooks was very limited and extremely difficult to use."


John Haverko

Premium ALS

"I found the staff at QB Hosting very responsive and the transition to QB Hosting was extremely smooth. So far we haven't experienced any outages which is always concerning when having your company data hosted on a cloud provider."


Paul Chan

Dig Insights

"QB Hosting removed our IT headaches ! After 10 years of maintaining our own in-house server, we were so happy to discover QB Hosting.  Moving our accounting software and all our data into the cloud was a breeze with their support team.  We can access our data from anywhere, confident in the knowledge that we have a dedicated IT team to ensure our data safe and secure. Thank you QB Hosting Team."


Lisa Clark

GT Operations

"We have been using QB Hosting's cloud services for many years and couldn't be more happier.  Their service is prompt and personal and their solutions are solid. I highly recommend them! "


Darko Cuk


QuickBooks Hosting FAQ

How is QuickBooks hosting different than QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks hosting allows you to run the Pro, Premier, and Enterprise versions of QuickBooks in the cloud.  Once installed on a cloud server multiple users can access QuickBooks along with other business applications. Now the user has access anytime, anywhere, from any Windows, Apple or Android device.  In contrast, QuickBooks online is a web-based service offered by Intuit with significant limitations compared to the traditional desktop versions of QuickBooks.  

How do I access QuickBooks when it is hosted in the cloud?

Every QuickBooks hosting customer is provisioned a private cloud server.  On this server, QuickBooks is installed along with other applications.  Multiple users can simultaneously access server in desktop or application mode using any windows, apple or android device running via Citrix Workspace app. 

Do you sell or lease QuickBooks software?

No.  You must already own a copy of QuickBooks from Intuit and provide us a valid license key for the version you want installed on your cloud server. 

Can I install other Windows applications along with QuickBooks?

Absolutely.  With a few limitations, you can install any Windows compatible business application onto your cloud server along with QuickBooks.  This includes popular QuickBooks add-ons like Telpay and the full suite of Microsoft Office applications.  

How do you protect my QuickBooks data and files?

The integrity of our customers’ QuickBooks data and files is protected by multiple layers of enterprise-grade security and backups.  These safeguards include: multiple layers of firewalls; network-level intrusion detection systems; anti-virus protection; robust access and identity management systems with optional two-factor authentication; centralized system logging, and SSAE 16 SOC 2 certified data centers.  All customer files and data is backed up locally and remotely, to another data center, every day and retained for at least 14 days.  Full system-level or granular file-level restores from these backups are available on-demand.

Can I backup QuickBooks, myself?

Yes.  At anytime you can make a backup of your data file through QuickBooks and save it to the device you used to connect to your cloud server.  It is the same process you use to make QuickBooks backups today.

Can I send emails from QuickBooks?

Yes.  From your hosted QuickBooks application you can send emails using your own email service.  This way the email looks as if it is coming from your email account.  QuickBooks supports a number of web mail services out-of-the-box to make this even easier if you do not have your own corporate email service.

Can I print from QuickBooks?

Definitely.  You can print from QuickBooks to any printer connected to the device used to log into your cloud server.  To facilitate this, we install the drivers for the printer model(s) on your cloud server.  You can also configure a private network connection between your office and your cloud server so a user can print to an office printer regardless of where they are or what device they are using.

Do you support DropBox, OneDrive, or other cloud file services?

Yes.  Along with QuickBooks, we can easily set up your cloud server with any third-party cloud file service.  As a result, all your business files will be available when you login into your cloud desktop. 

See Hosted QuickBooks in Action!

  • 30 Day Free Trial

    We'll set you up with a free 30 day trial.  No risk, obligation, or setup fee.  

  • C$49.99 per User

    Monthly subscriptions are C$49.99 per user.  Add or remove users anytime. 

30 Day Free Trial

Try before you buy!  No obligation or setup fees.  We'll have you logged in to your cloud server with QuickBooks and a copy of your company file within 24 hours.